Disney’s Children’s Festival – New Playground Rides and Preschool Age Sets Hit the Spot

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The new Disney Channel Kids Collection includes two new play sets, The Sing A Ma Jigs, and The Big Family Playground. Both are from the new “Mickey’s Club” series of theme park attractions coming to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. The Sing A Ma Jigs is interactive toys that children sing along with and use to tap into their fun side. They come in three colors: pink, blue, and green, and have a talking dog that sings a rhyme all the way through each set of four toy singing a Ma jig toy.


The Big Family Playground is a giant playground featuring everything from swings to see saws to slides, including inflatable slides and castle for toddler and older children. The two playgrounds are located on opposite ends of town near Disney’s BoardWalk Inn and Gas Lamp District. Both sets of play sets contain lots of interactive elements for preschoolers and their families.


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