Termite Inspections Control the Damage

Termite inspections control the damage caused by the pests, which can destroy your home and save you thousands of dollars in repair costs. A good termite inspector can detect the activity of these insects before they cause serious damage. It is estimated that about one in five homes in the United States are affected by a termite attack. These pesky creatures can wreak havoc on your property – and they can also cost you a lot of money! Fortunately, Control A Pest offers a comprehensive pre-purchase Timber Pest Inspection service that aims to identify and eradicate the presence of these destructive insects.

Fast-track Your Termite Inspections Control The Damage

The first step in determining if you have a termite infestation is to contact a professional pest control company. They can inspect your property for signs of infestation. Whether you see warping walls and doors, or simply see that your wood flooring or walls are warped, termite damage may be the result of an infestation. Drywood termite species burrow through the wood, building massive galleries above the ground. These termites are incredibly difficult to eradicate, and a professional pest control company can ensure that your home is protected.

After a professional termite inspector has determined if your home is infested, you can choose between two options: hiring a professional termite inspection company or performing a preliminary walk-through. A professional termite inspection will usually take an hour and a half to two hours and is completely free. The inspector will check the exterior and interior of your property, as well as any structures where there may be a possibility of an infestation. If there are signs of infestation, you will have an effective treatment plan, as well as a plan for preventing future infestations.