Top Wedding Celebrants In Gold Coast Janda Events

“Janda Events”, a popular brand of company that specialises in wedding entertainment, has many fun themes throughout Australia. The Janda Events Gold Coast offers themes including “The Great Barrier Reef”, “Millionaire’s Row”, “Ferry Bay”, “The Secret Garden” and “Echo Beach”. If you are looking for a wedding venue in Gold Coast that offers more than just sun and surf Janda Events can provide you with a unique location that is perfect for a wedding ceremony. Not only do they have a great range of venues that are suitable for almost any type of wedding ceremony, but also their activities and services make sure that your guests are able to have a lot of fun. For example, at Janda Events you will find: Janda Tea Room, Janda Casino, The Lanai Resort and Spa, Janda Waterfront, Janda Belmont, Janda Mentor and the Enchanted Tiki Bar. The wedding celebrant can choose from these activities or tailor their event to fit their wedding theme and budget.

Planning Your Wedding In Australia

“The Great Barrier Reef” is Janda Events biggest selling theme at their Gold Coast events. The beautiful reef environment, the breathtaking marine life, and the history of the area are featured in this theme. Visitors can marvel at the colourful coral, watch dolphins play, tour wrecks with a diving guide, or just relax on one of the many beaches that the area covers. The Janda Belmont offers guests a guided trip into the reef area and will give them a chance to interact with the native marine life.

“Millionaire’s Row”, is a unique Gold Coast wedding venue that is a joint venture between Janda Events and a popular clothing store, John James. The main attraction is a gigantic indoor marketplace where wedding guests can stroll down the aisle to their perfect wedding dress with matching shoes and jewellery. There is plenty of prime real estate to view with exclusive restaurants and bars as well as the option to hire a private gala dinner for two. This theme allows the happy couple to have their dream wedding at one of the most high profile locations in the city.