What You Should Know About Cremation


Cremation is simply a way of final disposal of a human body through cremation. Since the ancient times, cremation has been viewed as a way of saving the bones for resurrection. Cremation is also believed to have magical powers and can help to re-animate the corpse. But there are some people who do not believe in cremation and hold funeral services for the body as a more traditional burial.


There are three different types of cremation: direct cremation, indirect cremation and traditional cremation. Direct cremation is when the remains are burned directly in a container such as a cinder or cremation chamber. Indirect cremation takes place when the ashes are placed into a container and placed in a direct-heated fireplace. Traditional cremations take place in a funeral home or church and involve the use of a cremation unit which can be controlled by a computerized dialing system. The cremation process does not produce any smoke nor does it put off any exhaust. Cremation companies offer different products for different types of cremations such as using a small amount of ash and using a small amount of creosote.


Once the cremation process is completed, the cremation ashes are placed into a container such as a marble urn or granite, placed within a metal or wood cremation container. In addition to the urns, many families store the cremation ashes in a book, urns, or marble urns for future memorial services or scattering. Cremation providers offer many different products for these purposes including, paper cremation, wood cremation, marble cremation and more. With technology in today’s world, there is no need to hold a traditional funeral for a loved one and it is beneficial for the family because they are able to have some control over the disposal of their loved ones ashes.